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Looking for a Physio in Wahroonga?

At Kerri Curran Wahroonga Physiotherapy we will


Tell us everything about your pain or dysfunction. We take a detailed history.


We look at the area of concern as well as any other area which may add to, or even cause, the problem.


Our hands are our preferred tool. We can feel alignment, soft tissue tension and joint stiffness or excessive movement.

Pain can strike at any time. Take the first step to recovery.

Core Assessment
Most of us have heard about our ‘core’. These four muscles work in coordination to protect our back. But how do we know if it’s actually doing what it should?  Real Time Ultra Sound is used in this Practice to aid in assessing and rehabilitating these very important muscles by actually showing the muscles working (or not!) on the screen.

Dry needling
Dry needling is a treatment technique where a single use, sterile, fine-gauge acupuncture needle is inserted into muscle and fascia. This assists with decreasing pain and promotes tissue healing which in turn helps to restore normal function. Dry needling is used in conjunction with other techniques such as exercise, muscle energy and manual therapy.

Exercise doesn’t have to be formal. We tailor exercises to each individual, but also try to make any exercise specific, practical and soundly based on latest research. During your treatment you will learn to understand the cause of your problem and also to understand the reason for the exercise you have been given and how this exercise will help you to achieve your goal and improve your function.

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